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유아/유치부 Pre-Kinder : Happy Light


Ministry Verse/사역구절

빌립보서 4:4
주님 안에서 항상 기뻐하십시오! 다시 말합니다. 기뻐하십시오!
Philippians 4:4
Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!


3 Years Old – 2nd Grade

Bible Curriculum/성경체험 과정


 Unit Title 


 Fall 2012


  In the Beginning 

 God Created the World and People

 Sin Entered the World

 Noah and the Ark

 The Tower of Babel

 The Tower of Babel


 God’s Covenant with People
 God’s Covenant with Abraham

 The Sons of Abraham

 God Tested Abraham
 The Covenant Renewed
 The Promise Reaffirmed
 The Stolen Blessing
 Jacob’s New Name
 Joseph Sent to Egypt
 Joseph’s Dreams Came True
 Winter 2012-2013 


 Angels Spoke to Mary and Joseph
 Jesus Was Born
 Wise Men Visited Jesus

  God Formed His Nation

 Moses Was Born and Called
 Moses Confronted Pharaoh
 The Passover
 The Israelites Crossed the Red Sea

  The Wilderness

  God Gave the Ten Commandments
 The Tabernacle Was Built
 God Gave Rules for Sacrifice
 Joshua and Caleb
 The Bronze Snake

 Spring 2013




 Jesus’ Triumphal Entry
 Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection
 Jesus Appeared to Many People


 The Israelites Crossed the Jordan River
 The Conquest of Jericho
 Achan Sinned
 The Defeat of Ai
 The Day the Sun Stood Still
 Joshua’s Final Encouragement to the People

  The Judges

 The First Judges
 Deborah and Barak

 Summer 2013



  Hints of Christ

 Ruth and Boaz
 Eli and Boy Samuel
 The Ark Was Captured

 Saul and David

 Israel Demanded a King
 God Rejected Saul as King
 David Was Anointed and Fought Goliath
 David and Jonathan Became Friends
 God Made a Covenant with David
 David Sinned and Was Restored

 A Kingdom in Trouble

 Solomon Asked for Wisdom
 Solomon Built the Temple
 King Solomon’s Sin Divided the Kingdom
 Poetry and Wisdom


Sunday: 11am-12:30pm


Korean & English are the primary language of our ministry in which all of our programs run. All of our teachers are fluent in Love-Language
Happy Light(Younger Kids)의 모든 사역은 한글과 영어 중심으로 진행됩니다. 모든 선생님들은 사랑의 언어에 능통합니다.

섬기는 사람들

Pastor: Hwang Jinsik/ 황진식 유아/유치반 전도사


Pastor: Sean Choi/최신일 어린이 전도사

Director: Tori Kim/ 토리 간사

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